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How we collaborate with you

Philosophy is as much about our thought processes, as it is about the solutions it can enable. We work with you and your employees to develop their capacity for thought - embedding independence and cognitive confidence


Workshops tailored in length and content to suit your personal and professional needs.

Key topics include: 

  • Cognitive Diversity 

  • Authentic Leadership 

  • Creativity and Design Thinking

  • Critical Thinking 

  • Managing Change

  • Professional Focus 

talks & SEminars

Talks delived to inspire your teams to approach current societal and organisational challenges through a variety of alternative perspectives. 

Key topics include: 

  • Cognitive Diversity 

  • Authentic Leadership 

  • Developing and Deploying an LGBTQ+ Allyship Programme

  • The Value of Role Modelling 

  • Organisational Ethics

  • Professional Focus 


We will join you to help facilitate an open, engaging and authentic discussion - harnessing philosophical techniques to refocus your thinking. 

Key areas benefitting from facilitation include: 

  • Creating or refreshing a compelling Strategic Vision

  • Developing Team Collaboration

  • Re-energising Team Morale

  • Discovering Personal and Professional Purpose 

  • Encouraging Alternative Thinking 


Rediscover your personal authenticity, key passions and skills, and regain the courage to bring your full self to work with our mentoring programme. 

Key areas benefitting from mentoring include: 

  • Developent in Public Speaking

  • Cognitive Confidence 

  • Self-expression and Individuality

  • Career Development 

  • Discovering and following Personal Passion

  • LGBTQ+ Mentoring and Self-Confidence

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