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Our Origins

Compelling narratives are born from the roots of our experience

Phicilitate Ltd.

Ben Wilberforce-Ritchie

Philosopher and Founder

Get to know our Philosopher-Founder Ben:

Mantra: Only by examining our thoughts with the striking curiosity of an explorer can we begin to realise, and act upon, our potential.

Passion: Writing - I am also an author, and adore getting lost in my narratives whilst sitting in cafes at the weekend.


Marble Surface

"Our fundamental attitude should be humility about the perspectives we occupy." 
Professor Susanna Siegel - American Philosopher 

Phicilitate is an enterprise dedicated to refocusing our minds through the practice of philosophical reflective thought.


Our aim is to bring greater clarity of purpose, perspective and presence to individuals and organisations. This, in turn, increases their strategic and operational effectiveness. 

Philosopher and Founder Ben Wilberforce-Ritchie believes that understanding who we are and how we act, before we consider what we can achieve, is essential for performing at our best both professionally and personally.


Through workshops, seminars, facilitation and mentoring, Ben brings the thought techniques of the past into the present, working with you to embed them into both your own, and your organisation's, daily life. 

Professional Background: I've operated in a number of professions including Property, Financial PR and Aerospace and Defence. Currently, I practice Ethics Management at the FTSE100 firm BAE Systems, and have held management roles in Project Management, Procurement, Tech Transformation, Internal Audit, Bid Management and Governance.

Favourite Place: Sitting on top of a Munro in the Scottish Highlands - nowhere else am I most at peace, nor able to gain as much perspective on life. 

Key Philosophies:

  1. The works of Plato, in relation to philosophical leadership;

  2. Albert Camus, in relation to challenging societal norms;

  3. Epicurus, in relation to his focus on the removal of anxieties to reach contentedness

  4. Plutarch, due to his work on the value and necessity of role models in life and work 

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