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Enhancing Personal Focus 
Developing Inquisitive Minds
Deploying Practical Philosophy

We help individuals and organisations to flourish by unlocking their Cognitive Potential - be the Philosopher in the Room

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"A person is a thinking intelligent being, that has reason and reflection" 
John Locke - 17th Century English Philosopher

About Us

Phicilitate is an enterprise dedicated to refocusing our minds through the practice of philosophical thought.


Our aim is to bring greater clarity of:

  • Purpose

  • Perspective

  • Presence 


To individuals and organisation - increasing your strategic and operational effectiveness. 

Ben Wilberforce-Ritchie
Philosopher and Founder
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"In a world that is facing big sustainability challenges, innovation should ideally contribute to a sustainable future. The Chief Philosophy Officer’s role here would be to direct a business toward innovation that combines moral purpose with profitability." 
Professor Christian Voegtlin, associate professor in corporate social responsibility at Audencia Business School


Workshops tailored in length and content to suit your personal and professional needs. 

Whatever your focus area, we will introduce practical philosophical tools and techniques to help you adapt to and thrive within an increasingly fluid world. 

talks & SEminars

Seeking to inspire your teams on current societal and business challenges?

View these through the philosophical lens of various critical thinkers, bringing alternative perspectives to common topics of conversation.  


Struggling to balance your team's focus and creative energy with the pressures of delivery? 

We will join you to help facilitate an open, engaging and authentic discussion - harnessing philosophical techniques to refocus your thinking. 


Life is full of change and challenge both personally and professionally, and the environments we operate in are increasingly complex. 

Rediscover your personal authenticity, key passions and skills, and regain the courage to bring your full self to work with our mentoring programme.

How we collaborate with you

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"Philosophy is not a luxury, but a necessity" 
Mary Midgley - 20th Century British Philosopher

Strike up your own dialogue and enquire below 

Let's release the philosopher within you

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"Let the soul that is happy with the present learn to hate to worry about what lies ahead" 
Heraclitus - 5th Century BC Ancient Greek Philosopher

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